Château Mentone's history

The Château Mentone Estate was first referred to in texts dating from 1033 following the decision of the Chateaurenard family, the lords of Entrecasteaux, to donate the property to the clergy. Research has shown that the estate's lands stand on an ancient Gallo-Roman site; a Roman necropolis has also been find to the west of the castle.

Several important families in turn set up home within the castle's walls: de Castellane (1275), Bovis (1538) and, in 1845, it came into the possession of the Gasquet family. At the end of the 19 th century, Charles de Gasquet greatly developed the vineyard. A famous farmer, a member of the Chamber of Agriculture, the founder and director of the first farm school in Var in 1849, it was this man who extended the buildings and the wine cellar, created the silk farm and bred silkworms.

The whole forms a valuable heritage which Marie-Pierre Caille and her family, the site's owners since 2003, lovingly preserve.

Family history

In the 2000s, Marie-Pierre Caille decided to settle in the south of France. This inhabitant of Lyon, who had spent many years working in the communication sector, wanted to invest in a "full-scale" project. It was in Var, in the sun of Provence, that she fell in love with the rich history of the Château Mentone and its hectares of vineyards and forest.

In 2003, helped by her father, she took over the running of the estate. Gradually, Marie-Pierre and her family brought the castle back to life in order to turn it into a true wine tourism destination, combining quality wines, buildings filled with charm and history and local produce, all based on a resolutely environmentally-friendly approach.

To achieve this, the Caille family modernised the wine production tool, opened the doors of the almost two century old winery, created guest rooms at the Château, organised evening events and receptions. Together, they have built a new bridge between the past and the future that fully respects the spirit of the site.