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Order Château Mentone wines directly online via the official Château Mentone e-store or in person from the estate's sales cellar.

At the sales cellar, you can find:

  • All wines (free individual tastings).
  • Wine and Oenology Accessories: specialist books, napkins, tablecloths, carafes, corkscrews, glassware...
  • Estate-produced olive oil
  • Fine spices
  • Table accents
  • Recipe books
  • Newspapers, magazines, cards
  • Summer Hours: (mid-April to October 2020) 

Monday: 14:00 to 18:00 
Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 to 19:00
Sunday: 10:00 to 16:00
Winter Hours: (November to mi-April 2020)

Monday -  Friday: 10:00am - 5:30pm

Château Mentone official store

The cuvée emotion


This range of Organic Côtes de Provence wines has been developed from young vines harvested mechanically at night and vinified using the modern oenology techniques authorised by ECOCERT. Every wine offers an intense aromatic expression of fresh fruit and full-bodied balance that makes it an easy-drinking and pleasant delight.

Available as Red, Rosé and White, these Organic wines are easy-drinking and fruity.

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The Cuvée Château


Since the estate was taken over in 2003, this range of Organic Côtes de Provence has been developed to feature the best expression of the Mentone terroir by using the oldest of the vineyards (some more than 60 years old). After harvesting by hand, vinification proceeds by a minimalist process whereby the must ferments by natural yeasts present in the grapes rather than by conventional yeasting methods. These wines with great aromatic complexity and remarkable power in the mouth offer the possibility of a wide range of gastronomic accompaniments.

Available in Red, Rosé and White, these Organic wines stand out by their elegance and aromatic persistence.

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The Cuvée Excellence


Harvested by hand, the grapes that are the basis of this cellar come from a multiplot selection of rows of vines that receive the greatest care throughout the year to achieve the perfect balance and concentration. These become literally "designer" wines in small containers to optimise flavour extraction, colours and tannins; they then age for 12 to 24 months depending on the vintage, and are not produced every year.

Only available in Red, its excellence and body in the mouth and its concentration makes it an exceptional vintage that can be laid down for 6 to 8 years.

Discover the Cuvée Excellence

Château Mentone estate, organic Côtes de Provence

​ The 30 hectares of Château Mentone vines enjoy exceptional soil and climate that encourage grapes to mature late, bringing finesse and elegance to whites and rosés, and power and balance to reds. In 2008, the estate set about converting its vineyards to organic practices, banning practically all chemical additives in cultivation and vinification, and fermentation using the natural yeasts present in grapes, without exogenous yeasts; it also banned vinification additives and reduced sulphur dosing as much as possible. ​

Château Mentone official store