Aug 3, 2019

Wedding information

wedding information

Dear Sir/Madam,
Our main objective at Château Mentone has always be to promote our wine making activity and our region.
Since 2003, when we became owners of the domain, welcoming visitors and creating events have served the same intention: unable locals and tourists to discover our products, our domain and the advantages of the Var hinterland.
The wedding experiences we had the past few years slowly move us away from this leitmotiv and today it is evident that this oenotouristic activity tends to harm us and to sap all the efforts made for over 15 years.
Indeed, our image and our colleagues’ enthusiasm often get hurt facing certain persons who don’t really care about Château Mentone and the fact that we are first of all a wine making domain.
Thus, we are led to suspend the commercialization of this activity on our domain, waiting to define a new concept of events more aligned with our philosophy and our aspirations.
We are not sure to have the understanding of all of you, but this decision has been taken to preserve our core business and the work of a whole team totally devoted to Mentone’s vineyard and to the production of its organic wines.
Nevertheless, we remain at your entire disposal should you need additional information or should you have further enquiry.
Best Regards,
Marie-Pierre CAILLE & Nicolas BRETTON
Owner and Son

Saint Antonin, July 29, 2019