Environmental protection approach

The Château Mentone accords great importance to its natural environment. In 2008, it opted for the complete conversion of the wine estate to organic farming methods . All the resources are used in full respect for the plants and the soil.

The forest

The Château Mentone is surrounded by 170 hectares of forest, with plane trees and ancient oaks, vast areas dotted with fountains, ponds, natural springs and small streams.

Some of the trees (maintenance logging based on a simple ten-year management plan which mainly concerns pine trees) are used to heat the estate's buildings, which provides a renewable local and ecological energy source.

It should be noted that Var is the 2 nd department in France in terms of forest cover, which represents 61.7% of its surface area.

Do not hesitate to enjoy a walk in the forest. There is always something to discover, a landscape to admire, an encounter to enjoy.

Olive grove, vegetable garden, orchard, hen house, and more.

All of the estate's land is organically farmed in full respect for the plants and soil, according to a seasonal cycle. Thus, the olive grove, vegetable garden and orchard offer us high quality products, the perfect ambassadors for our region.

The same objectives are applied in the chicken coop via sustainable breeding techniques. The hens, 15 this year, are raised in the open and fed, among other things, with waste from the garden's vegetables.

Mentone vegetable garden has held an important place on the property for over a century. Nestle behind its dry stone walls, it is protected from the wind and received an effortless supply of water from irrigation canals. Facing South, nature works its magic each day, providing its fruits under the meticulously watchful eye of Benoit, the estate’s gardener. For a more intensive farming, several plots complete the original surface area and it’s today practically 2 hectares of market gardening and fruit farming, all this to the delight the Chef, Frédéri GUIOL, provence-born, who takes great pleasure in being able to do his groceries « at home », without any need for modern technology !

He is able to choose from up to 8 varieties of lettuce, 6 of tomatoes, and of courses « Black Beauty » aubergines, « Mona Lisa » or « Nicola » potatoes, and «  St Valéry » carrots. ; last year, the orchard was otherwise planted with apricot, cherry, plum, apple, pear, and even peach trees !
With about 100 olive trees, the estate generally produces roughly 150 litres of olive oil annually.

During your stay at the Château Mentone , remember to taste these treasures of nature, either at L'Auberge or at the winery.

And soon, there will be beehives! With bees having returned naturally to the estate, beehives will be installed in order to provide them with the welcome they deserve!